France is one of the most popular countries around the world, so many people dream of getting to know it. Its capital is one of the tourist destinations that stand out for its visual beauty and its history. Visiting this city and not knowing the parks and gardens of Paris  is practically not having gone.

Paris does not have one or two gardens that symbolize it; you have several since it has a large number of green areas. They can be appreciated from its emblematic monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower. Knowing these places is really a taste for the eyes and above all an approach to nature.

What do you need:

  • A guide to parks
  • Familiarize yourself with transportation to get around
  • Weather
  • You want to know
  • tour guide (optional)


  1. Plan the visit. Being Paris considered the green capital of Europe for its innumerable natural landscapes, it is essential that you plan your visit to know this fact in depth.  Planning is important since the city has more than 400 parks and each one has a specific characteristic that makes it special. You may not have enough time to get to know them all, but the idea is that you can visit the most emblematic parks and gardens of Paris. You can plan according to the steps mentioned below. Remember that some are known for their history, others for their landscapes and some for their extension within the city.
  2. Consider spring. One of the ideal times of the year to enjoy nature is spring. For this reason, as a second step, it is advisable to visit Paris during this season. The colors that the different landscapes can offer you and the climate in general, will be much more comforting.
  3. Enjoy nature. Each of the places you visit will be under the conviction that you are willing to enjoy nature. In Paris there is a tree for every 4 inhabitants, so you will be closer to them than you think. When visiting each park or garden you can find different environments, which are responsible for decorating the city.
  4. The attractions of Paris do not have to be directly linked to its urban monuments; in fact these are only a part. This city offers you a unique environment, in which it is very easy to recreate yourself at every step. For this reason, if what you are looking for is to discover the emblematic beauty of the city, you must be willing to enjoy nature.
  5. Start with Luxembourg. Now as a fourth step it is time to start visiting the parks. For this, the first thing that should be on your list is the garden located in the Luxembourg Palace. You may think that it is a private attraction to welcome members of the senate, but in reality it is open to all those interested in visiting its spaces. This place has a characteristic nickname, since it is known as “Loco”. It is specifically located in district 6 of the city and has an area of ​​approximately 22 hectares. A place built since 1615 and inspired by an Italian style.
  6. This Paris garden is a wonderful place to relax and visit for tranquility. It is also an excellent place to be frequented by children since it has a playground and a pond to rent boats. Along with this are different sports and beekeeping classes.
  7. For adults there is a cafe and nearby you can find the theater. It is also possible to learn from nature, since a great variety of exotic plants coexist. It is really a place where you can spend a day different from the rest and where there will always be something to do for all tastes.
  8. Around the tower. Another focal point is the parks around the Eiffel Tower, a symbolic work of Paris. One of the first is the Champ de Mars, located between the military school and the monument. This Garden has a remarkable extension and innumerable stories, since it has been the site of several important events for the city. Among them La Matanzas in the year 1791, in addition to recognized exhibitions by which this region is characterized.
  9. Another place that is close to the monument, giving a magnificent view of it, is the Trocadero gardens. In this Paris garden you can enjoy the different ponds that adorn it, which are surrounded by flowers of all kinds. Due to its location, it is considered part of the heart of the French capital.
  10. A smaller place. There are lovers of smaller places and less crowded with people. For this type of visitor one of the best places is the Batignolles Square located on Rue Cardinal. This place has a minimal extension compared to other parks and gardens in Paris. In the square you can enjoy its beautiful view of a lake that is not very solemn, in terms of size, and the stream that accompanies it, both considered emblems of relaxation. These bodies of water are favorite places for ducks, which can be seen very easily. Finally, its style is inspired by English parks, which gives it a different atmosphere from the previous ones.
  11. The oldest. Another Paris garden that should be visited, for those who want to learn about the beauty of the city, is that of the Toiletries, located in the center. It is recognized for being the oldest in the region, built in 1564. Over time this place has also been praised for maintaining its aesthetics and elegance, making it ideal for walks or picnics. In this park you can also observe the history of the city as it has innumerable statues, sculptures and fountains that tell the story. The flowers and trees that adorn each of its paths make the people who visit it feel the need to return, for this reason it is necessary to visit it.
  12. For the most urban. There is a park specially designed for people who are not so fond of nature but who want to slowly approach this aspect. It is the Jar din Des Hales or Nelson Mandela. This site is characterized by the shopping center found in the underground area; due to this it is splendid for this type of visitor.
  13. In addition to being able to enjoy nature, to a lesser extent, you can also buy in its markets and enjoy the architecture of the place. Adults and children can truly enjoy this tourist attraction that combines natural elements with the urban.
  14. Other destinations. There are many Gardens that can be visited in Paris, so to finish we give you some names that you should also keep in mind. The Jar din Des Plants, famous in the scientific branch; Park de la Valletta, with its cinemas and festivals; Park des Buttes Chaumont and its representative landscape; and the characteristic garden of the Palace of Versailles.


The main recommendation regarding the parks and gardens of Paris is that you enjoy what each one of them offers individually. They are dream places and should be appreciated for everything they contribute to the city. For this reason, let yourself be carried away by its landscapes in each of the routes you take, but above all help to preserve them.


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