You have decided to make a garden with ornamental or fruit trees, beautiful flowers and it goes without saying that with an inspiring green that fills you with clean air, freshness in hot weather as well as the characteristic shade that they will provide if you decide on large trees. We show you the 22 most beautiful flowering plants.

In addition to them, you would like to have colorful flowers that brighten up your house everywhere, even with the characteristic aroma that can permeate the environment from the moment you enter your home until you leave for work, wishing to return soon.

Therefore, when choosing a plant with flowers you have to take into account both the environment where you live, the type of soil, the composition of the water with which you are going to water the plant as well as the space available for it, since it remembers that there are very delicate flowers.

What do you need:

  • Ornamental plants are those that are grown to beautify the environment.
  • Some can be medicinal so they have many uses apart from decorating a place.
  • They have unique characteristics such as aroma or perfume, leaves, flowers of various sizes and colors.
  • They have thick or thin stems as well as fruits that may or may not be edible.
  • They are to be placed in gardens or in new landscape projects that require beautification.
  • It is possible that some of them require being indoors, so a study of them must be done.
  • They are grown in nurseries to be marketed, but they are also born wild.
  • They can be marketed in all parts of the world and occur at different times of the year.
  • They are resistant to the various elements of nature, making them a good option for your garden.
  • You must be aware of taking care of them and keeping them free of pests or insects that want to destroy them.
  • Pay attention to the type of soil, water and light that they require for their care so that you never lose them.
  • There are trees and shrubs that have the function of feeding us in addition to using them to beautify.
  • They are usually very showy and provide benefits for the soil in any garden that they are placed.
  • They are also usually placed near huge structures that give a little life and joy to the space.
  • They are used because they have ample opportunity to survive in adverse conditions.
  • Some grow differently, having to use a structure to support them, as is the case with climbers.
  • They are of different sizes and not all of them have flowers, although you can also find them in ponds, wells and lakes.
  • Perfect for interiors and exteriors to decorate homes, offices, companies, rooms and others.
  • Many species do not require water for subsistence, because their molecular structure requires it.
  • Some are seasonal, that is, they bloom in certain seasons of the year, so they do not always have flowers or fruits.
  • They look for them for their beauty, since despite not having flowers most of the year; they usually have beautifully colored leaves.

Many are used as rugs at the entrance of a house or for patios, having different colors, textures as well as different shapes.


Did you know that flowers are ornamental plants? The truth is, yes, and they are grown for that main characteristic, as well as beautifying the environment and giving it a characteristic aroma of the one you choose to fill your home with a medicinal and peculiar fragrance at the same time.

The sole purpose is to decorate, but it also has other functions since you can use them for infusions, hair remedies, tranquilizers, stress relievers, among many others, and they have so many and peculiar uses that we will never finish telling you about them.

  1. The roses. Roses are the most sought-after species for their diversity of colors apart from having a stem with various thorns for self-defense, making it difficult to cut without getting a puncture from time to time. They convey feelings according to color and are representatives of many cultures.
  2. The carnation. It has an aroma that inspires when you feel it in the environment where you grow it, providing a pleasant and fresh environment. It is the most cultivated flower in Spain, so it is representative of that country. There are many colors although the most sought after is red.
  3. The tulip. It is of Asian origin although they are also usually found in European regions, including Holland. They always bloom in spring as well as giving your garden great color, beauty and relaxing inspiration that translates into observing the tranquility they transmit. A good option for the garden.
  4. The gladiolus. A legendary-looking flower, as it looks like a monumental sword. It comes from Africa and represents many feelings so when you have it in your garden, you will not only feel the powerful influence of its colors but also joy and good positive vibes.
  5. The Orchid. It is very new in its cultivation. It has the peculiarity of clinging to another more powerful plant to live and reproduce from it. That is why it is said to be parasitic; if you decide to choose this type of ornamental plant for your garden, you will have a wide variety of colors and shapes to choose from.
  6. The chrysanthemums. It grows in autumn, so it is the flower that precedes winter. It has a presentation of various colors representing many feelings among them heartbreak, in its yellow color; but you shouldn’t stop having it in your garden for that, don’t you think?
  7. The azaleas. It is a flower that emanates an aura of joy and tranquility at the same time. You can use it in different ways both within an environment in your home and outside, since it does not require much care to be beautiful. A good option when it comes to having them in your garden.
  8. Thecamellia. They are usually required by brides soon to be married to decorate the church, which is why they are often called the wedding flower. They are resistant and they look very pretty throughout the year, taking good care of them and pruning them always, you can have a beautiful plant in your garden.
  9. The desert rose. It is a shrub and has the peculiarity of requiring care during the year. It has a flowering cycle that covers the entire summer, always looking beautiful, when you see the place where you place it, also remember that it is a garden flower more than anything.
  10. The heather. It is beautiful, although the care that must be taken with them is extreme, since the water must be pure when you want to water them or with a very low acid pH, since they are so delicate that they do not support this and can wither very quickly. Think about it if you want it for your garden.
  11. The Easter flower. Characteristic of flowering in December, although you can find a variety that changes its color in mid-November. It is a plant that changes its peculiar green color for red, which is why it represents Christmas. It is often highly sought after for planting in a garden.
  12. The gardenias. They are the most used even in song lyrics where love and forgiveness are inspired, feelings that are usually representative of these plants. It has a very delicious aroma although they are usually very delicate when the breeze touches them, so they can be used for closed spaces.
  13. Thehibiscus. It is an ornamental plant with beautiful and colorful flowers, but in addition to that it has a special feature for being medicinal. People usually use it in teas that they take once or twice a day, to feel invigorated as well as energetic.
  14. Guinean joy. This ornamental plant usually grows in New Guinea, but has been cultivated in nurseries with great acceptance, although it needs a lot of care, you must have moist soil and have it in the sun. It is found in a wide variety of colors and is very beautiful for your garden.
  15. The lily. It is an option that you can have in your garden, since it is very easy to grow, so you can have them in your garden in an open way and with the possibility that they will always bloom, although remember to always water them and remove the weeds.
  16. Jasmine from Madagascar. Jasmine is the ornamental plant that par excellence gives you a pleasant aroma for your home, which is especially wonderful since when you open the doors to your visitors, you receive them with a delicious smell that also inspires freshness.
  17. The Hyacinth. It is one of the most sought after ornamental plants for its pleasant aroma, ideal for closed environments where you can feel the atmosphere of peace and harmony thanks to it, a very important part to have in our homes. It blooms in May.
  18. Theoverlain. It produces beautiful and colorful red, pink, white and purple flowers, depending on the one you have chosen to have in your home. You can also take them as an infusion for severe pain, especially for menstrual pain.
  19. Petunia. It is an ornamental plant that is characterized by having a wide range of different species, with beautiful colors producing flowers throughout the year, so it is important to keep in mind that the care you have to take is a little stricter than with the others.
  20. Dandelions. It grows naturally so if you plant it in your garden you will get a perennial flower that will beautify your house from the beginning. It can be edible, so when making any meal, do not hesitate to stand out by using its leaves for it.
  21. Chamomile flowers. Very similar to the daisy, it offers the opportunity to be a medicinal plant since it calms the nerves and gives a pleasant sensation of tranquility that you can take into account for episodes of nerves and insomnia that you ever feel.
  22. Thedaisy. Who has not plucked a daisy? When you reach the last petal you will know if your partner loves you or not. It is a plant that you can have in your garden to beautify it, so dare to look for it and thus dream of the purity that it brings to that special space.


  • You can use ornamental plants for several things, among which medicinal and beautifying your home stand out.
  • They purify the environment where you have them both indoors and outdoors.
  • They produce energy as well as peace and calm, which is why they are important inside a house.
  • It provides physical and mental health benefits to people who grow plants of this type.
  • It improves concentration by breathing the different aromas that emanate as well as providing nutrients that strengthen memory.
  • They complement the decoration of the spaces where they are located.
  • They offer a high status of life, because some are usually very expensive.
  • They illuminate the landscape and many of them offer shade and freshness to your home.
  • They offer privacy to the people who live in your house, making it a good option for you to have in your garden.
  • You can also use them in your decoration when you have a special event.
  • They beautify your personal space and give you a fresh feeling that fills your home.


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