Knowing which are the most resistant bushes to plant in a house or garden is not easy, since we have many bushes available and if you do not know about gardening you could have problems.

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A bush is ideal for planting in a garden, because they are smaller than a tree, they do not require as much care and, in addition, they are quite beautiful, and can even bear fruit.

However, seeing bushes in nature is not the same as seeing them in the garden. In the same way that we cannot put a tropical plant in the desert, we have to be careful what we grow in our garden, because it might not survive.

In this way, we must learn which are the most resistant, in order to know which ones will survive and which ones will not, depending on our environment. If we live in a place with heat, we are not going to have problems, but in places with frost, we have to be very careful with what we are growing.

For example, if we grow something that is not compatible with our garden, we are going to have problems. If we grow a bush that can’t stand the cold and we live in Burgos, we’re going to kill the bush in less than a rooster sings. On the other hand, if we grow a resistant bush, we will have guaranteed success.

The bad thing is that, as we have already said, with so many species of bushes, we are going to have many problems in order to choose the correct species. However, as I often say, no one was born taught, and that’s what we’re here for.

Therefore, we are going to see the 4 most resistant shrubs to plant in a garden. It is a somewhat personal selection, but I have based it on factors such as cold and care. If you are not happy, in the end you will have a section with another 6 bushes, which we will say have been the finalists to be in this top.


  1. Amelia: First of all, we have the shrub known as Amelia, which is obviously one of the hardiest shrubs out there to plant in our garden. This bush is known for having very pretty flowers, pink and whitish in color, which smell very, very good. The best thing about having this shrub is that it is one of those that resist green all year round, especially if we have it well protected from the weather. It is recommended for sites with a medium to high temperature, but it is not recommended for very cold sites. Anyway, in Spain you can grow it without problems, except if you live in Burgos or something like that.
  2. Privet: Privet is the second shrub on the list, which is even more resistant than the previous one. If you live in Burgos or other cold places, this bush is for you, because it is one of those bushes capable of withstanding severe frosts, resisting temperatures below zero and being green all year round despite all this. Many times, you have to prune them a little so that they grow green again if there has been a very, very strong frost, but there is usually no problem in making them look green and spectacular again.  In addition, they resist polluting areas well, so if you live in Mexico City, this bush is for you.
  3. Basque beret: The Basque beret has a green color, with small yellow spots and beret-shaped leaves, hence the name. The best thing about these bushes is that they always sprout again, that is, although they are not as resistant to frost as the previous ones, they always come out again. Hence the name, because they are as tough as the Basques, that is, even if you throw them to the ground, they will come back with energy to continue fighting.
  4. Calando: Finally, we go with the Calando, the last bush on this list. We are going to see a bush with very pretty white flowers, which also smell very, very good. In this way, it is usually one of the most beautiful decorative shrubs that you can put in your garden. It resists frost quite well, although not to the level of the privet, but it is much more beautiful than this one. In any case, its ideal development is temperate zones, so if you live on the plateau, this is your ideal shrub to grow, in addition to the northern coastal areas.


  • Others: If the 4 bushes that we have presented do not convince you, we are going to see a few more, which although they have not entered the top, deserve at least an honorable mention.
    • Cotoneaster: This bush has the enormous advantage that it grows and is born in all seasons of the year, being a green bush that will give you red berries on top. The good thing about this is its simplicity of care and its speed of growth, in addition to how beautiful the red color of the berries is with the green color of the bush, achieving a contrast that is undoubtedly spectacular.
    • Oleander: The oleander is a shrub that is usually grown in the Mediterranean. It is a beautiful pink bush, which would certainly do a great job in your garden as a decorator. The bad thing is that if you have children or dogs, it is not recommended, because it is 100% toxic if ingested, so if children or dogs eat from it by mistake, they could suffer from poisoning. Of course, it is a shrub that resists Mediterranean droughts well, also withstanding the cold, although not too much, being one of the reasons why it has not entered the list.
    • Hawthorn: Hawthorn or hawthorn is well known in Spain for being a bush that does not need any care and lives for many years. The hawthorn hardly requires any care, so without a doubt, it is an ideal plant for the lazy and lazy. In addition, it can be grown anywhere and will give some good flowers that you will undoubtedly love.
    • Photopia: are shrubs that resist the cold well, so if you live in a cold area, you will be able to have them in your garden without any problem, because it may be the one that can withstand it the most. The bad thing is that it is a vine that grows and grows up to three meters, so if you do not want a garden that looks like the Amazon, I do not recommend it.
    • Black broom: The black broom resists the cold quite well, although not at the level of the previous bush. The good thing is that its yellow flowers are beautiful, even to give to a person. It hardly needs water and the only thing you should be especially careful with is frost, because that can destroy the plant completely.
    • Rosehip: Finally, we have the rosehip, a bush from which the famous oil of the same name is extracted. The rosehip has red fruits and pink flowers, being very pretty and it smells very good. As for care, the longer the plant is, the less it needs, that is, when it has just been born we have to be careful, for example, with the cold, but as soon as it is a couple of years old, it will not require too much care.


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