Having a beautiful garden is a blessing that anyone can have at home, but maintaining it becomes the most difficult part because it requires time, patience and above all knowing how to choose the plants that are best and that require less care. Do you have or do you want a nice garden? We show you the 8 best garden plants.

Apart from care, choosing the best plant or flowers that can decorate your garden is a task that requires the type of soil you have, the climate where you live, as well as enough clear and clean water to always have them beautiful and well cared for, start today?

It is important that the structure is in accordance with the space and that prior to having the most necessary plants, but that at the same time they are beautiful, you must take into account the possibility of making an extra expense so that you can decorate your garden with the most sought after ornamental plants. . Find out how.

What do you need:

  • Do not water the plants violently.
  • A plant should always be watered at a time when it is not too hot: in the morning or in the afternoon.
  • Increase the amount of watering according to the time of year.
  • Always try to remove what is already withered.
  • Use some spray to keep them green.
  • Eliminate all bad weeds that grow around it, with this you will prevent it from drying out.
  • Prune from time to time so they can look beautiful and well cared for.
  • Weeds must be uprooted at once, preventing them from leaving seeds for reproduction.
  • Use clay pots or, alternatively, plant the plant in the ground so that it grows more strongly.
  • Cover with some plastic when there is a lot of wind to prevent them from breaking or becoming ugly if they are outdoors.
  • Use plants that are strong and will not be damaged on first contact.


  1. The Ferns. Ferns are green plants that do not have fruits besides flowers, but they are still beautiful and useful to decorate your garden. If you want to have a plant of this type, you must keep in mind that they need humidity and a place away from the sun’s rays to keep them always green.
  2. The Verbena. The Verbena is a plant with flowers of four different colors which are white, purple, blue and hot pink, ideal as an ornamental plant for your garden as well as providing you with the opportunity to cure any illness through its petals used in a tea.
  3. The Begonia. It is the main plant to choose to have in your garden without regretting it, since, like the previous one, it comes in a variety of colors. They need a little sun, so it is not necessary to move it away from it for protection and water in the morning or at sunset as you prefer.
  4. The Petunias. Ideal for small gardens, you can find many different species and a variety of colors that you can use to decorate your garden, whether you place them in a clay pot or on the ground around you. All a majesty to make your garden look beautiful.
  5. The Orchids. Orchids are known to be a parasitic plant that needs another to survive, but despite that it is very beautiful and deserves the place of honor in your garden. They are from warm weather and do not need much important care, so you can have them as a good option.
  6. Christmas flower. The Christmas flower is a plant that remains green for most of the year, turning its leaves red when its flower appears in the holiday season, but it is an excellent option for you to have a present to place in your home as well as in the garden. a? Take advantage now.
  7. The Hibiscus. The Hibiscus is one of the plants with beautiful flowers that has a double function, it is ornamental and medicinal at the same time since an infusion prepared with the leaves of this plant provides strength to all those people who are convalescing, operated or have suffered from an illness. .
  8. The Climbers. Climbing plants are very beautiful to place in your garden, since they provide color and shade at the same time, since as they get entangled in some support they take place expanding upwards and sides. The support can be made of wood or aluminum in the shape of a house. With this type of plants you must be very careful, since they tend to wither and shed a lot of leaves, which will give you the task of collecting many of the soil to keep the garden neat, which should not matter to you since if you like plants you will not it will make your job difficult.


  • You must keep in mind that the plant you choose must be in the shade or in the sun  and place them according to this criterion.
  • Always water them because they need a lot of water to survive, especially those in a humid environment.
  • The soil you use must contain all the nutrients necessary for them to grow beautiful and large.
  • Prune them to remove what is ugly and yellow, so you can always have them green and with flowers according to the season.
  • Keep in mind that sometimes a parasite falls on it that you must kill before it spreads and fills the others, so you must be aware of this.
  • The plants need to settle in a place where they will not be disturbed or removed always so if you choose a place for them, never change it.
  • Remember that they are living beings that need care, water to hydrate, sun for chlorophyll and the necessary nutrients that you can give them through the fertilizer.
  • Try that they are always in a pot that maintains humidity so that it is always fresh, this is something very important for their survival.
  • If you want to have it in the ground, make sure the ground is well nourished and fertilized.
  • Use good quality soil that has everything you need, for this you can buy a special prepared compost that comes ready at any agricultural store.
  • Check them always, not necessarily daily, but regularly.
  • The plants should be away from any type of heat, so if you have an oven, heater or grill nearby, you should move them away immediately so they don’t suffer too much.
  • Some animals use them to purge themselves, as a bath or just to play around so you have to be aware of that too.

As you can see, the selection of plants for the garden is very wide, so you have many different names and types to choose from. Choose carefully, making sure that your choice is the right one for you, for your family, for your environment and for the plant itself. As the list is large and the varieties so beautiful, you will have no problem finding one or several plants that suit you and your needs, whatever they may be Opt for color and well-being in your garden.


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