Carnivorous plants, as their name indicates, are those that eat small insects, presenting a structure and shape that attracts them and then catches them in their networks  and begins to feed to obtain the nutrients that keep them alive.

They usually live in different environments according to the species, using the water, the sun and the feeding of insects to survive since they need a specific number of provisions to be able to reach the perfect state in which they must be maintained, hence they are always feeding.

If you are thinking of planting a carnivorous plant, you must take into account certain care that they always need, since they are very delicate and must be in a well-defined type of environment in which they can be handled well by receiving the necessary fertilizer.

The land must always be well acclimatized since the subsistence of the plant depends on it, because when you buy it you have to have the place where it is going to stay, so that it is not removed from the site and loses a lot of vital force that ends its life cycle, wither and die.

It is already normal to find this type of species in any store that has plants to sell; the ideal is that they allow you a brief introduction to how you should have it at home in addition to its care, which we can tell you that it is not dangerous for you or your family.

Therefore, if you decide to have a kind of carnivorous plant in your home, you should follow the following tips and recommendations so that you do not have any incidents and inconveniences with it, in addition to not allowing your plant to die. Keep reading.

What do you need:

  • They grow in moist, boggy soils.
  • They are generally carnivorous because they feed on other living things.
  • They need many nutrients in their roots to subsist on their food.
  • They have different defense tools plus they catch their prey differently.
  • Some use scent to trap food.
  • In others, its structure helps to catch the daily food.
  • Others have follicles that are usually sticky like a spider web.
  • Many use their body to catch the insect.
  • If you want a plant like this you should never water it with ordinary water because they are allergic to chlorine.
  • Change your subscription from time to time.
  • The stimulation is always due to the movement of the insects that enter its radius of action.
  • They are not harmful to humans.
  • It can be a pest control mechanism in your home.
  • They are silent allies that do not disturb the habitat where you place them.
  • They are incredible, exotic and in their form some are usually very beautiful.
  • You may have the opportunity to have them as a way to dig with the insects.
  • You can even place it inside your house as long as it is not disturbed at any time.
  • Some usually have a coating that feels like a burn when touched, so always keep them away from children and pets, although they do not represent a danger.


Carnivorous plants are all those that feed on living beings, especially insects. We should not confuse what is science fiction or in the movie about a plant of this type, because it is not true, since this type of plant does not feed on humans.

They are somewhat difficult to maintain due to their delicate structure, but despite this they are beautiful, which is usually the main weapon they have to catch their victim, who will be the main dish of their daily meal, which can be of various kinds. Sizes.

Depending on the species, its menu varies from crickets, flies, spiders, grasshoppers, as well as very small organisms, plus you have the possibility to choose between some of a good size or large and other small species.

For this, carnivorous plants have the possibility of maintaining natural tools or weapons that allow them to catch their food, being that they look calm, still and, in addition, very beautiful and striking.

We find many different and wonderful species everywhere, although a piece of advice for all those people who want a carnivorous plant is to look for that species that is native to the region where it is located and thus they will not have any inconvenience or complication.

How to recognize a carnivorous plant:

  1. Byblos. They come from Australia, and have spread throughout the world as an exotic plant highly sought after by plant lovers, they shine like the rainbow when they feel a ray of sunlight, so they usually attract their food in this way and retain them with a liquid on its leaves very sticky.
  2. This type of plant usually lives in water, so it is counted as an aquatic plant and at the same time carnivorous because it stays on the surface attracting its prey with its arm-shaped lobes that squeeze them and do not let go under any circumstances.
  3. It belongs to a species that is born in the United States and is similar to the head of a cobra through which the insects that it attracts by the aroma of nectar penetrate and these, because its leaf is very slippery, cannot get out and save themselves, drowning in a puddle of water formed at the bottom of the leaf.
  4. It also belongs to the United States, and they are very small but one of the most lethal that exists for small insects. It usually grows in humid parts and is particularly found in the swamps of this country. It usually has its open leaves that close when they feel a slight movement.
  5. Drover. This plant is usually found in many parts of the world, so it is not from a particular country, it usually has a sticky substance on its leaves to attract victims who, after reaching it, cannot be released, so they are very lethal and can last for many years.
  6. Heliamphora. It has many species within this genus, it is usually found in South America; its particular shape is a tube that contains a rolled-up red sheet at the top that is usually filled with water, where insects fall and die without being able to get out in the accumulated water.
  7. Nepenthes. They are usually found in Asian countries, Madagascar as well as Australia.  They tend to attract insects by their particular aroma that emanate outwards to a great extent, so when they feel that particular smell they are attracted. They come in a wide variety of bright colors.
  8. It usually comes from the United States and Canada, attracting insects due to its particular aroma, which also becomes its deadliest weapon to be able to feed without having to worry much, which means that by having the nutrients, it can look and feel much better.
  9. Species can be found all over the world, so they are the most abundant, they can be both terrestrial and aquatic, attracting insects into their interior to later be captured and be able to feed in a calm way. It has very beautiful flowers and they are very fast.
  10. Plant location. All these species of plants have to have an exclusive habitat where they should not be bothered by noise as much as any other plant that we want to put around them. She must be solely and exclusively alone in addition to giving her what she needs to survive.
  11. The water and the fertilizer. In itself, these types of plants usually produce their own nutrients that they use as fertilizer to survive, so it is not necessary to give them in excess, although in many aspects you must take into account which is terrestrial and which is aquatic, lest it be wilt you when you take her home.
  12. Soil type. The soil that they must have must be in accordance with the delicacy of this type of plants, so they must not be in contact with other plants or that are together in the same substrate; it is better to keep them out of reach of others without sharing space.
  13. The light. Many of them do not use sunlight to attract their prey inside to feed since it may be within their defense mechanism, so we must know which species we want to provide a place in the environment where we have it that does not receive the sun’s rays.
  14. It also plays a preponderant role, since if you keep them in very cold places they can wither, in general the temperature that keeps them very pleasant for them can be around 20-22 degrees, which would be the most suitable for their subsistence.
  15. Much consideration. Keep in mind that plants are living beings and as such they need to survive regardless of whether they are aquatic, terrestrial or even these carnivorous species. We all have to take care of them, although some more than others in order to give them a better life in our home.
  16. The maintenance. Like any other plant, it must also be maintained, although this type of plant is not pruned since they are living beings that feel and cutting a leaf or any part that we see withered can even cause it to die. Ask first what you should do in that case.


  • If there is a lot of humidity, they usually feel in danger due to external agents that usually come out as a result.
  • Take care that their leaves are always brightly colored because if they change color it is a sign that they are dying.
  • You can place it in the mornings to receive a little sunlight without it hitting it much.
  • Aquatic ones need to be in or near a pond to feel the moisture.
  • They are usually prone to or persecuted by other insects that bite their leaves.
  • Change them once every two years to prevent them from withering or dying. The ideal season to do this is spring.
  • You should keep the plants indoors if you live in an area that is too hot or exceeds 22 degrees.
  • Always be aware of any change that occurs to prevent it from dying, take care of your exotic plant.
  • Let her act alone when it comes to feeding, never bring her food.
  • Always try to keep them near a window where they can also receive natural air without receiving a very strong wind.
  • Do not let anyone touch them so they do not feel threatened, as some are very sensitive to movement.
  • Hopefully this guide will be useful to you if you like gardening.


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