We are surrounded by plants where we live, work or move without taking into account the importance of plants for human life, in addition to the use that is given to these in any branch that is sought from medicine, clothing, and footwear among many other things.

You have to think and ask yourself then, what are plants for? And then the above comes to mind, taking into consideration that we depend on them to breathe clean and pure air that makes us wake up every morning.

Apart from all this, they have other functions and it is time that you keep them in mind when trying to put an end to them, or so that from now on you have beautiful plants in your home, well cared for and the opportunity to support them for the good of the planet.

They are living beings and as such deserve respect and care, in addition to food and water to survive, if you do not give them these basic needs, it is obvious that they will not survive, they will get sick and die, ceasing to give you the properties they have in your favor.

Pay attention and keep reading so that you find out many more benefits that plants have and that you did not know, perhaps that they had, for this reason we are talking about the care you must have with them and thus be able to keep them in good condition and well cared for.

What do you need:

  • Feed you.
  • Dress in fibers.
  • Plants that is medicinal.
  • The importance of oxygen that gives life.
  • The freshness at the time of being hot.
  • Purify the air.
  • Populate the earth with more plants.
  • Take care of the environment around you.


Everything you use for your life comes from a plant even if you don’t believe it or pretend to ignore it, because if by saying that you also feed on animals, these in turn acquire the necessary energy to live from the green they get no matter if they are of water or land.

Both fish and terrestrial animals, be they pigs, chickens or cattle in their variety, feed on plants and we feed on them, to maintain our health, that is why plants play a preponderant role in the world on the side that you see him

There are also many products that plants and trees put in our hands to be able to live, which is why it is said that the most important benefit after the oxygen that plants give us is that of providing us with food.

We have an example of this in cassava, wheat, grain, potato, corn, among many other foods that wildlife provides us with so that we can live well and feed ourselves in a healthy and natural way through vegetables. .

What are medicinal plants for?

  1. The plants are medicinal. The plants that are around us are part of the biodiversity ready to take into account when it comes to curing any condition that we are going through at a given time; from chronic diseases to those that are harmful. Many times the same flu or cold is cured with a plant, taking into account chamomile, mint, lemon, ginger among many others more necessary to cure from a sore throat, to high fever and congestion that occurs with this condition. It becomes evident then that they are medicinal, considering that most pharmaceutical products take the components of a plant to make any number of these to help people heal, highlighting the importance of their use.
  2. Alternative medicine. Even alternative medicine bases the components on their essences and oils to heal from the plants that surround us, so it is yet another benefit that science makes available to people to maintain their health with optimal results. And it is that most people on the entire planet earth use plants at some point in their lives to heal themselves, apart from the studies that are done daily to have a greater knowledge of these living beings and the contributions to our health, for this reason, new species arise every day.
  3. Medicine uses flowering and non-flowering plants for medicine, knowing that there are many species that provide components to reduce or completely eliminate symptoms of diseases, including cardiovascular, brain, kidney, and liver, among others.
  4. Food for people and animals. The plants are also used mostly for food by people, who grow daily what they can provide for their subsistence, because many already have gardens and small pitchers with what is necessary for their home. Vegetables provide food for people, and in turn for animals, since cattle have as their main source of food the grass they get in the field, and for this reason it is considered that animals also benefit from plants. Although many of them can be poisonous, plants offer the possibility of providing the necessary food for other living beings, having a life cycle that goes from the moment the animal eats the grass and from then on until reaching the men.
  5. Plants offer materials. Plants are also the main providers of materials that serve both for construction and for the shelter of human beings in houses, cars or even the bicycle on which you travel to work to exercise and stay healthy. Wood comes from a tree and with it you can make different items or accessories such as tables, chairs, picture frames, mirror frames, doors, door frames, among many other things that serve to decorate our home to make it comfortable to live in. the. On the other hand, a plant is the main carrier of a resin with which men make rubber. What is rubber used for? To be able to be placed in the cars or vehicle to be able to move in the different cities and towns with comfort.
  6. They offer protection against nature. Plants also have the peculiarity of offering man the capacity of a refuge that covers him against the elements of nature, such as the sun, snow, rain, hail, among many other phenomena that affect him in a dangerous way.
  7. Straw, bricks, leaves, stems, there are many elements that can be used for roofs, walls, floors among what is necessary for us to live, in the opportunity to have protection against the ravages of the climate where we drive daily.
  8. They produce oxygen. Plants release oxygen that they produce through photosynthesis, taking carbon dioxide and converting it into the pure air we breathe through a process that by studying it we become more convinced every day that it is a wonder for our life on earth. All this offers to breathe clean air to each person who obtains their oxygen without problems, but if the environment continues to be polluted in addition to biodiversity, extinguishing many species for our benefit, we will lose the possibility of this process.
  9. They retain water and moisture. The plants have the purpose of retaining both the water and the humidity of a particular area in order to achieve better crops as well as providing a natural environment of freshness on the hottest days depending on the season of the year in which it is found. It is therefore a necessity to use plants for our lives, especially when it comes to growing food for the population, thus saving water and not eliminating this other resource that is non-renewable for life. Living beings.
  10. Natural environments. Plants contribute to beautifying our surroundings, offering the environment a diversity that it manages to maintain thanks to water, the sun and the opportunity to work on photosynthesis to make the planet a more natural place for life for all. This is why being in a place where vegetation reigns, we feel pleased thanks to the beauty and vitality that it provides to the environment, having the possibility of supplying energy to human beings thanks to its power to improve what surrounds it. On the other hand, they give you the possibility of changing temperatures in places where it is too hot, regulating these and promoting a better place to breathe, feel and stay, so it is important to consider plants as essential elements for life.
  11. Locker room. Plants help people to keep dressed, thanks to the fact that many of them contain elements or fibers that can be used by people to make different fabrics to wear depending on the type of climate where they live. So you can get clothes for the different seasons of the year and that have the possibility of being made from a living plant being, although you also have the possibility of using the skin of some animals to make clothes, footwear and household items. . Cotton, flax, jute, agave are some of the plants that have always been used in the production of clothing, which is why man cultivates it with the function of providing clothing for his body throughout the world. World.
  12. Season food. The different species that we find to give seasoning and flavor to gastronomy in the environment where we move, also come from a plant, although the process of obtaining and subsequent arrival in the kitchen of any housewife is different from that of food.
  13. The main thing is the cultural color that is offered in the different regions of the world and that give idiosyncrasy, color and fame to the countries, being thanks to a living being such as plants, being the most basic to take into account the time to make one place stand out from another.
  14. Different dishes can be prepared offering the best of herbs and spices that originate from a plant, for this reason we must take into account the possibility of caring for the plants that surround us to avoid further damage to the planet.


  • Many medicines are created from a plant, but you have to be careful how you use them.
  • You can grow plants in your home for personal medicinal, ornamental and daily food use.
  • Take into account the possibility of not using artificial plants inside the home, since natural ones give life, freshness and a clean environment to everything around you.
  • Consult your doctor if you need to use any medicinal plant.


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