If you are looking for a plant with medicinal properties and a good aroma, you should not overlook Rosemary. Rosemary is a plant frequently used in the kitchen and very few know all the potential it has as a home remedy and as a medicinal plant.

The other name by which Rosemary is known is Rosmarinus officinal is, it is a plant that, being composed of camphor, pinned, limonene, flavonoids, phenolic acids and resins, makes it very good to use as an infusion, for essential oil of Rosemary, for hygiene and home medicine products, below we will show you what Rosemary is for and how to use it.

What do you need:

  • More than 50 grams of Rosemary.
  • Toilet.
  • Glass jar.
  • Alcohol of 96º or 40º.
  • A cool dark place.

What is rosemary for and how to use it:

Although it is a plant that can be used for many things, to get the best out of it, it is important to first know what it is for and how to use it. Carefully read the points that we will highlight to discover things that you may not have known about Rosemary.

  1. Preparation method 1: Prepare tea and infusion of rosemary. Put a cup of water on the stove until it boils. When the water is at the boiling point add the rosemary and do not remove it from the kitchen, let it cook for five more minutes along with the rosemary leaves. When the five minutes are up, turn off the stove and wait for ten minutes for the water to absorb the rosemary well and cool down. After that you can strain it to separate the water from the rosemary leaves. Finally, add and mix it with honey to sweeten it and take it to taste.
  2. Preparation method 2: Prepare rosemary alcohol for external use. First of all, take a dark glass jar that is not wet or dirty. Add 40 grams of rosemary inside. Then add alcohol until the rosemary leaves are passed by at least two fingers. Cover the jar and move the jar up and down to distribute the alcohol well along with the leaves. Store the jar in a cool place with little light for two to three weeks, moving the jar at least once a day. Then, it will only be necessary to strain it to only leave the alcohol and change it to another bottle. It is important that it is kept in a cool place with low lighting.
  3. Preparation method 3: Prepare rosemary essential oil. Find a container with an airtight lid and add the rosemary leaves inside, the more rosemary the better the concentration of the oil. Then add vegetable oil or preferably olive oil to the container until all the leaves are covered with the oil. After all the rosemary has been covered, the container is covered and placed in a cool place away from light for an entire month.  Every day you should take the container and move it so that the oil better absorbs the properties of rosemary. After this time, it will only be necessary to remove it to strain it and store it in a glass jar to use it whenever you want.
  4. Preparation method 4: Prepare a tincture of rosemary. Like the previous methods, you should take a clean glass container that is dark. Add 40 grams of rosemary inside and cover all the rosemary with 30º or 40º alcohol. The container must be closed well and left in a place where there is no light for 3 to 4 weeks. It should be moved every three or four days until the time is up to strain it and transfer it to another glass container.  Where it can be stored for use when needed.
  5. Rosemary helps you lose weight. First of all, rosemary is a good stimulant for the body that helps you with good digestion to lose weight and as long as you accompany it with a good diet and exercise you will see the results of taking rosemary tea to lose weight, just follow the following steps: Prepare the rosemary tea following method 1 explained above. Take it in the morning before breakfast so that your body absorbs it better and so that you enjoy better digestion during the day.
  6. Rosemary serves you as an efficient natural antibiotic. You should not be surprised, the properties of rosemary are also very effective as an antibiotic, it has Carpool and this makes it effective in fighting bacteria in the body, especially in the intestine and for wounds, to take advantage of it you have to follow these steps: Prepare the rosemary infusion by boiling water as described in method 1. Take a cup twice a day, if you need to fight an internal infection.
  7. For wounds and external infections, you can use the infusion as a tonic, you just have to wet gauze and go over the wound or the place you want to clean.
  8. Romero serves as a space freshener. Rosemary helps you keep your house smelling good and, along with it, keep unwanted insects away. The smell of rosemary is pleasant and not annoying, the possibility of causing allergies is minimal, and to flavor your house with rosemary you just have to do: Cut a few branches that contain flowers of the rosemary plant. If you prefer to hang it, with a thread you can tie it near one corner. If you prefer to place it on a table, you can find a decorative container or plate where it can spread its scent. Keep in mind that for large space you may have to place several, distributing them every four or five meters from each other.
  9. Rosemary helps you relieve and prevent respiratory and digestive diseases. Taking rosemary infusion can also help you prevent respiratory and digestive diseases, both for its antibiotic action that fights bacteria in the body and for its tonic properties that strengthen the respiratory system, which you have to do. Prepare a cup of rosemary tea daily, following the steps of the first method. Drink a warm cup daily at night or twice a day maximum.
  10. Rosemary helps you relieve inflammation, muscle pain and cramps. Rosemary as a medicinal plant is also used to relieve inflammation and muscle pain, you can take advantage of the tincture and use it externally in the affected place, you just have to prepare and follow the steps: Prepare the tincture following the steps of method 4 Spray little by little on a gauze and massage in the place of inflammation or pain.

Recommendations when using rosemary

  • To avoid side effects, care should be taken not to take it with other medications.
  • Avoid consuming it in large quantities as it can generate toxicity in the body.
  • It is recommended that it not be taken as late at night as it can cause loss of sleep.
  • Pregnant women and kidney patients are usually very sensitive when taking rosemary, it is better to avoid it.
  • You already know what rosemary is for, so don’t wait any longer and get to work with this medicinal plant!


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