If you have the dandelion plant in your garden and until now you have been cutting it without knowing that it is a medicinal plant and very useful, stop! Dandelion has so many nutrients that it is worth starting to include it in your medicine cabinet and also in your spice cabinet.

In the dandelion, not only its flowers are useful and nutritious, as is often the case with many medicinal plants, its leaves and even its roots can also be used. It is a plant that offers both vitamins and minerals and beta carotene, for that reason you should know what Dandelion is for and how to prepare it to make the most of it.

What do you need:

  • Dandelion.
  • Toilet.
  • Natural sweetener
  • Container.
  • To gauze
  • 5 artichoke leaves.
  • To radish.


What is it for and how to prepare dandelion:

As we already mentioned, dandelion is used for many things because it has a large amount of nutrients, but to take full advantage of them we must know what we can use it for and how to prepare dandelion, below we will mention several shapes.

  1. Helps improve bone health. If we drink dandelion infusion in the morning, our bones will be strengthened more thanks to the fact that it is rich in calcium, vitamin C and lute Olin, components that will also prevent the bones from deteriorating as we age, for that we must prepare the infusion with these steps: Take the dandelion leaves previously dried in the sun. Take a container where we will add one or two cups of water and boil it until it reaches the boiling point. After the water boils, add a tablespoon of dandelion leaves and turn off the stove. Then cover, stir and let stand for at least 5 minutes. We can add some natural sweetener to improve the flavor, such as honey. You can drink one or two cups a day, preferably hot.
  2. It serves as a diuretic and to promote the proper functioning of the liver. Other things that we can take advantage of dandelion are its ability to improve liver function.  Vitamin C and lute Olin also prevent aging, help the proper flow of bile and greatly improve digestion to avoid stomach problems and constipation. To take advantage of it, we can drink the tea as an infusion or follow these steps to mix it with the salad: Mainly we must look for the leaves that are tenderer, at least collect 100 grams. Wash the leaves with plenty of water. Let them dry while we prepare the salad. After we are finishing the salad we can add the leaves and mix. It can be prepared daily to enhance its effect.
  3. Helps fight acne and to disinfect the skin. One of the practical ways in which we can take advantage of dandelion is by taking it daily to prevent and combat acne. If we take good advantage of the sap of this plant, it will be a natural and powerful treatment against acne, itching and irritation, without producing any side effects. To take advantage of it, we can drink the infusion or, for better results, follow these steps to take it and apply it to the skin: We can prepare dandelion juice: Collect a handful or 100 grams of dandelion leaves. Pick a handful or 100 grams of nettle leaves. Wash them well before preparing them. Take a blender and add a glass of water, along with the dandelion and nettle leaves. Let blend for about 30 or 60 seconds and then strain until the residue is removed. Serve in a glass and sweeten with a sweetener of natural preference. It can be drunk twice a day.
  4. For acne, itching or irritation, the infusion can also be applied directly, just follow these steps: Prepare the infusion by boiling water until it reaches the boiling point. Add the leaves to the water, cover, remove from the cooker and let stand for 10 minutes. Once it has rested and the water is lukewarm, with a clean gauze spray on the affected part of the skin. If it is irritation or inflammation, the gauze can be left on the affected area for at least 5 minutes. Apply whenever necessary.
  5. It serves as an aide to control diabetes. The concentrated juice of dandelion can help control diabetes, it can stimulate the production of insulin to keep the sugar level low and, together with its diuretic property, stimulate the urge to urinate so that sugar is eliminated from the body. To prepare it we must follow the following steps: Have a dark and airtight container at hand. 100 grams of dried dandelion flowers should be crushed and then put into the container. Put water in another container to boil. Wait for it to boil and add 2 tablespoons of the flowers. Turn off the stove, cover and wait for the infusion for at least 15 minutes. Take a cup twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon.
  6. It serves as a depurative and to detoxify the liver. If we want to enjoy good health and purge toxins, dandelion can help us thanks to its high fiber content that improves digestion and stimulates the proper functioning of the intestine and liver. What is better is that while we purify ourselves we also detoxify the liver, lose weight and enjoy more energy, to prepare the juice that will help us we must follow these steps: We must have at least 100 grams of dandelion leaves, 5 artichoke leaves and a radish. Wash the ingredients well before mixing them. The radish must be peeled and chopped into small pieces. After this, we must take a blender and add the amount of a glass of water along with the ingredients. Blend for 30 or 60 seconds and at the end strain to drink without the annoying chaff. For an excellent purification and detoxification of the liver, drink a glass every day for a week.

Recommendations when consuming dandelion

We have already seen that dandelion is a very beneficial and useful medicinal plant, but we must bear in mind that it is also important to prevent accidents that may occur when consuming this medicinal plant, for that we give you the following recommendations:

  • If you are a person who suffers from gallstones, taking it can be harmful since it increases bile, so consult your doctor before drinking it.
  • If you suffer from heartburn problems or stomach ulcers, you should keep in mind that dandelion is bitter and can cause problems.
  • People who are consuming lithium or supplements to increase potassium, before taking it, must have the approval of the doctor.
  • Pregnant women should take it under a doctor’s supervision to make sure it won’t harm you.
  • Without further ado, the next time you pull dandelions out of your garden, we hope it’s for the taking!


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