Roses are beautiful flowers that everyone has always liked, for this very reason giving roses has been customary since time immemorial, both to give to couples, friends and family.

Many people believe that the color of roses is indifferent, but nothing is further from the truth, the meaning of roses is quite variable if we change from one color to another, some colors being intended for couples and others intended for friendships.

If you are curious about the meaning of roses, you are in luck; from today we are going to teach you the meaning of pink, white and yellow roses.

What do you need:

  • Red roses.
  • White roses.
  • Yellow roses.
  • Observation skills and good taste.


  1. Meaning of red roses: Red roses, how could it be otherwise, symbolize love, passion and lust. The reasons for this are that the color red is a very vivid color that is usually related to sexual passion, for this reason it is a color of rose that is often given on Valentine’s Day, also on this day roses are given because it symbolizes the strength of love, in which the passion red color of the rose is stronger than the thorns of the same. As for other meanings, it was the color of the House of Lancaster in the famous war of the roses of the fifteenth century, which was so called because each house had a rose to identify it and in the case of Lancaster the rose was red.
  2. Meaning of white roses: White roses usually mean purity, the white color  symbolizes kindness, purity, innocence and truth, for this reason it is a color that is usually put on roses in marriages, especially between husbands. Young, to symbolize a marriage between two innocent and young people who are going to share their whole life in marriage. As for other meanings, it was the color of the House of York in the 15th century war of the roses, if Lancastrians fought with red roses as identification, Yorkers wore white roses. In addition to the war of the roses there is another meaning, during the early twentieth century in Nazi Germany, it was a symbol of age a group called The White Rose that was against the Hitler regimen the 1930s, and this brave gesture cost many lives as the Nazi regime murdered them.
  3. Meaning of yellow roses: A rose that has a very recent history, since it was not discovered that this color of rose existed until the eighteenth century about 300 years ago and with a less brilliant color than the current one, today this rose is It is used to symbolize friendship and is given for this purpose since it is an intense color that indicates the increase in the value of friendship, but it was not always so, at the time of Queen Victoria in England, yellow roses were related to being jealous of someone on love issues, but fortunately that has changed.


  • Give roses: Now that you know the meaning of pink, white and yellow roses, you know what to give to your loved ones. In the case of the couple, you can give red roses; it is usually done either in large bouquets or in individual roses, always with an exquisite presentation. In marriages, white roses are usually used in large bouquets or circular bowers, but today it is very common to also include red roses for the theme of love and passion, that is your choice. Yellow roses are given to friendships but it is not as common as in love themes, even so you can give a friend a rose of that type and it is sure to be a gift that they like, it is usually given in individual roses.
  • Thorns: Natural roses have thorns, so be careful when you decide to choose roses collected by you, we advise you to remove the thorns with pruning shears so that your partner does not get pricked. In florists, the roses that are sold come with the thorns removed.
  • Plastic love: It is not as original as fresh roses, but there are some roses created with artificial polymers that simulate the appearance of a normal rose. The main advantage is that they last practically forever, but its drawback is that it is neither as beautiful, nor as original, nor does it smell as good as fresh roses.
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