In the Plantae kingdom we find a great variety of species. So many that we may not have the ability to list all that we have seen during our lives. Not to mention the ones we don’t know about.

In fact, not even scientists have been able to claim that they know all the species of plants that exist in the entire world. When we talk about the whole world, we are not only referring to the plants that grow on the surface of the ground, but also those that are found on the seabed. So the number of unknown plants becomes much larger.

What we can be sure of is that each one of them has been designed by the intelligent creator, not only to bring beauty and variety to life, but also to benefit the health and aesthetics of human beings.

It is not a secret that there are plants like Aloe Vera, oregano and ginseng are some of the plants that have great healing properties. Hence, its demand, in the commercial world, is very great.

In fact, some of them, in some parts of the world, are very expensive or difficult to obtain. And those who have access to them are considered privileged.

However, it is also important that we deepen our knowledge about other plants. One of them is Valerian. Have you ever wondered what you can use it for? It is true that many people use it to relax and sleep. But is that its only use? What else can you use it for?

Today we will be talking about this versatile plant. So, when you finish reading this short article, you can be sure that you will take advantage of it in the best way. Therefore, do not stop reading a line.


This plant has received countless names over time. Some of them are: Alfeñique, cat grass and common valerian. But what is its current name?

The most accepted theory is the one that affirms that its origin comes from a Latin word: “Valera”, which in turn means “To be healthy or strong”. Throughout this article you will realize how appropriate this name is for this plant.

Valerian is a plant that is known for its great sedative properties and its ability to relax the central nervous system and the so-called smooth muscles. Its use dates back many years, in fact, it is considered ancient, and is related to relaxation when there is difficulty sleeping, especially caused by some excitement or nervousness.

However, this is not its only use. Valerian has been found to be helpful for anxiety, confusion, depression, late and scanty menstruation, dysmenorrhea, migraine, poor concentration, stress, disturbed sleep patterns, premenstrual syndrome, cramps, insomnia, etc.

Amazing, right? How a simple plant can help so much! But not only that. Valerian can also be used for those who suffer from arrhythmias.

It helps reduce blood pressure and normalize the flow of blood that goes directly to the heart. In this way, it is responsible for regularizing, at least partially, the rhythm of heart contractions, causing a feeling of well-being and improvement.

You can also use it as an antispasmodic. It has been proven that Valerian is responsible for distending the cells that make up the smooth muscle that is present on our long journey through the digestive system.

Its function is to act as a relaxant, without having to interfere with the work of the central nervous system of our body.

On the other hand, it can also be useful for those who suffer from arthritis. This does not mean that Valerian serves to eliminate the disease. Rather, thanks to its sedative effects, it helps treat the pain caused by said disease.

As you have been able to realize, we cannot limit the use that we give to Valerian simply to relax and be able to sleep. We have to broaden the spectrum, what do you need to know to do it? We will be talking about that in the next subtitle. Continue reading.

What do you need:

While it is true that this plant alone has many properties, in combination with others, you can enhance its benefits.

As an aid to sleep, you can combine it with herbs such as hops and lemon balm. Other herbs, with calming effects, that you can combine with it are passionflower, common skullcap and blue.

But in case insomnia is related to depressive crises, you can combine Valerian with St. John’s worth. If you have palpitations and high blood pressure, product of the same depression, you can combine it with hawthorn.

For colic caused by menstruation and spasms of the digestive system, you can combine Valerian with Chamomile and Lavender. For muscle spasms or cramps, you can use it with cramp bark.

Now, how much Valerian can we take? The common dose of Valerian capsule for insomnia is 300 to 600mg of the extract. Which is equivalent to 2 or 3 grams of the dried root that we use to make an infusion?

But if you are going to use it for other uses, you can take it in divided doses during the day or in a single dose at night.

What do you need to make your Valerian tea? Let’s see:

  • Purified water. If you don’t have access to it, you can use tap water.
  • Between 15 and 20 grams of Valerian root.
  • Your favorite flavoring: Cinnamon, cloves, honey, etc.

As for the preparation, this is very simple. It consists of a few steps:

  1. Boil the water in a kettle, in a pot or wherever you see fit.
  2. When you see that the water is about to boil, adding the flavoring you chose to use.
  3. Then, you must incorporate the Valerian and let it boil for about 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. Turn off the stove and let the tea steep for a few minutes.
  5. Finally, enjoy your Valerian tea.

Now, what advice should you take into account related to its use?


If you are already being treated with a sedative or medication similar to Valerian, the recommendation is that you do not use it for the time being.

Nor should you combine it with alcohol or take it if you have previously ingested any type of alcoholic beverage. On the other hand, you should not risk taking it if you are pregnant or suspect that you are.

You must be clear that its use is not for children under 6 years of age. In case the child passes this age, you should consult an expert doctor before administering this root.

If you are about to enter the operating room, you should stop using Valerian a few days before and then you can take it again a few days after surgery.

It has been said that you can combine this plant with others to enhance its properties or benefits. However, you must be clear that it is not about making a cocktail. You should not abuse the herbs that you integrate into the original tea.

If you take these recommendations into account, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of taking Valerian tea and you will save a lot of money on medications with similar effects.


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