There are places in the world that we may never get to know. Places where life is quite complex no matter how tiny it may seem. Many people have even considered them inhospitable places due to the environmental conditions that exist in them.

They are usually very humid or very arid places, where not only weather conditions are fought, but also wild, poisonous and unknown animal species.

However, the fact that man cannot inhabit these places does not mean that there is no life, as we have already let you know before. The entire planet is alive; it is full of living species that adapt to their environment in order to survive.

For example, in the desert there are plants and animals that survive with little water. The same does not happen in the case of the human being, who does not survive long due to the harshness of the sun.

The same goes for the jungle. Thinking of her we imagine lianas, monkeys, even Tarzan.  But, is it really like that? Have you ever wondered what types of plants are in the jungle? Would you like to know what they are?

This article has been written thinking of those people who are nature lovers and are intrigued to know the mysteries that it holds. Also, for those who are studying and want additional information.

Whatever your specific case is, you will surely enjoy reading this short article. Therefore, continue reading until the end so you can be informed about what plants are in the jungle and how they survive extreme weather conditions. In addition, we will be sharing with you some other interesting facts related to the topic.

Without further ado, let’s get down to business and start developing this exciting topic right now.


It is amazing just to think that in tropical forests we find almost half of the plant species in the entire world. Many of these species are characterized by their large size and bright colors.

One such plant is mangroves. They are trees that grow close together, one next to the other, along important bodies of water. They are unique due to their large mass of roots, which tangle above the surface of the water, while extending many meters away from their trunk.

We also have the Bromeliads; these are generally found specifically in the jungles of America. They are very particular and characteristic since their skin is bristly and their flowers are sharp.

Some of the Bromeliad species can contain more than 45 liters of water inside. The best known of this plant species is the delicious and juicy pineapple.

On the other hand, there are the epiphytes; these grow above the branches and trunks of other plants in the tropical forest. Since only a limited amount of sunlight has access to the forest floor, ferns and small orchids grow on top of trees to get lighter.

But not everything is rosy, we also have plants like the Nepenthes, these are carnivorous plants that are shaped like a pitcher and that attract insects with a kind of liquid perfume.

The insects, being attracted by its pleasant smell, fly to the plant, which is sticky, and when they land on it, it closes on them. In a couple of seconds they have become the meal of the day.

Now, among these species of plants in the jungle, we also find flowers that stand out for their radiant beauty. That’s what we’ll be talking about in the next subtitle. Let’s see…

What do you need:

It should be noted that in tropical forests we find a great biodiversity of species. In fact, only 1% of plants have been studied by scientists. However, almost a quarter of the products that we find in pharmacies come from these plants. So they are of great importance.

Among the flowers that we find in the tropical forest is the beautiful orchid. These flowers are cultivated worldwide and are unique due to their exotic shape and delicacy.  Many of them are very expensive due to the benefits they produce.

For example, if we talk about the vanilla orchid, it generates a large number of seed pods, which are treated to create vanilla beans. These, in turn, have an incomparable flavor, which makes it a highly coveted product throughout the world.

On the other hand there is also the giant bird of paradise. This flower grows in South America and is pollinated by birds and not by butterflies. Something out of the ordinary.

In the thick jungle we also find the Raffles flower, which reaches 3 feet in diameter, therefore it is considered the largest flower in the world. In addition, it can weigh up to almost 7 kilos. Furthermore, unlike most flowers, these smell like rotten meat.

Finally, we could mention the banana flower, which blooms on these trees almost all over the world. In it we find a strange mixture between the everyday in our eyes and the exotic. Its fruit is very common everywhere.

Although commercial bananas are very similar to each other, we find a great variety among them. The most surprising thing about the case is that each one has its own flavor, color and texture, like the frozen banana, which has a bluish-silver skin and a sweet and creamy vanilla flavor inside.

Now, in view of the great variety of plants that exist in the forest and the great benefits it provides to human beings and to the planet in general, we could ask ourselves: how can we preserve the forest without having to plant more trees?

Surely this is an important question. We will be giving you an answer in the next subtitle that you cannot stop reading.


Deforestation has only resulted in the disappearance of many plant species, which has caused an increase in carbon in the atmosphere, one of the many factors that have contributed to the acceleration of global warming.

One way we can help is by consuming products that do not harm the forests, such as shade-grown coffee. For every cup we drink of this type of coffee, we will be helping to preserve at least 4 square meters of jungle.

Also when buying products made from recycled paper. Also, a good idea is to replace kitchen paper towels with cloth rags and change disposable napkins, cups and plates for others that can be washable and reusable.

When shopping, use reusable bags. On the other hand, recycle the paper bags you use.

Something that will also help is to consider a vegetarian diet, since eating meat contributes greatly to the deforestation of parks and forests, with the purpose of using them as grazing places. These are just some measures that we can take into account.


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