When you hear the word medicinal, you realize that it is something medical or that it has to do with health, and if you see that the word plant accompanies it, you realize that the topic to be discussed is about natural herbs for medicinal purposes, what are they and what are they for? Are you interested in this one? Keep reading.

Plants are also living beings that populate the entire surface of the planet and are divided into ornamental, medicinal, poisonous, among many others, touching on the central theme of this article to talk about medicinal plants and the use that you can give them.

Medicinal plants, like any other, must be removed from one place to another by the will of man, who needs it for his benefit and transplants it wherever he wants to have it, which is why many go from one place to another without have borders to belong to.

Medicinal plants are beneficial for human health, therefore the knowledge obtained about any of them, can give the possibility of fighting against any disease or illness that one has in any place and at any time.

Among the diversity of plants that you can find for your benefit, you have the possibility of having both bushes and trees at your fingertips. Vegetables and others forming a beneficial group that requires your knowledge to make good use of the healing powers.

What do you need:

  • Plants.
  • Knowledge.
  • Knowledge of botany.
  • Talk to the specialist.
  • Make poultices.
  • Make ointments.
  • Have infusions.


Surely you already know many of the medicinal plants that are used regularly to heal many ailments naturally and without the need to use drugs. But there are many other medicinal plants. And, in addition, you have to be careful because some plants can be irritating or even have components that are allergic to people.

But before making use of any alternative or natural medicine, it is essential to consider asking treating doctor questions about the use and way of taking any type of plants that benefit the person’s body and thus prevent any inconvenience.

Medicinal plants are considered to relieve or eliminate symptoms of any disease, taken or used in different ways that serve to remedy skin problems, headaches, gastric, digestive problems, lower LDL levels, among others.

All about medicinal plants

  1. Chamomile. It is very soft on the palate when taken, it serves to deflate areas affected by bumps or wounds, analgesic and antipyretic, it is also ideal against gases as well as a decongestant. On the other hand, it is presented as a relaxing reason why it is used in episodes of insomnia.
  2. Aloe Vera. It is anti-inflammatory, which is why it can be used in conditions that have to do with injuries, or falls; it also has a yellow liquid that is a powerful restructuring agent in burns, apart from refreshing due to its great healing powers, it is used in many personal hygiene products.
  3. Garlic. Ideal for your children when they are attacked by parasites, it also offers components to help blood circulate better through the arteries, preventing heart disease and even has a role in strengthening the immune system.
  4. Ginger. It is a plant that has many benefits for people’s bodies, being mainly against viral processes, decongesting the respiratory tract as well as lowering fever and in recent studies it has been raised as an aid against vomiting and nausea.
  5. Thyme. Thyme helps the skin as it is an excellent antioxidant, which is why it is essential when making facial masks; On the other hand, it is also used as an antiseptic, on injuries or wounds, so you have a good ally in this herb.
  6. Linden. It is ideal to reduce anxiety, helping to relax by eliminating stress and anxiety to sleep, so it is an important natural element to avoid any type of drug addiction, it is also diuretic, so it serves to lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.
  7. Elderflower. The elderflower has several properties that we list below: Anti-inflammatory; Antiseptic; Diuretic; Laxative; decongestant; Ideal against diabetes; Reduces bad cholesterol or LDL.
  8. The Yucca. It is grown in tropical countries and its roots are edible, it also has the power to be extremely ideal for people who are on a diet due to illness or simply to improve their figure, because it offers the ability to speed up metabolism.
  9. Ginseng. This plant has the ability to stimulate memory, preventing diseases such as stroke or Alzheimer’s, as well as being very effective in strengthening the immune system, which allows the person to deal with heart conditions, blood circulation or diabetes.
  10. The mint. This bush has many very specific benefits that range from decongestion in respiratory tract diseases, such as increasing appetite for those who suffer from low weight or chronic anemia, thus stimulating cellular nutrition and also helping in digestive processes.
  11. Thenettle. Nettle has the peculiarity of being a plant that produces an allergic reaction called hives, presenting lesions as well as a lot of itching, but despite this problem, it has various properties, among which is that of being a vasoconstrictor in addition to helping against anemia.
  12. foxglove: It is a plant that offers many benefits for people’s bodies, especially because it is an essential diuretic for those who suffer from diabetes, as well as lowering blood pressure, which gives it the possibility of helping to prevent heart attacks and strokes.
  13. Sandalwood: Sandalwood is a plant that helps people relax, so it is also a powerful enemy against anxiety and stress: it also helps diabetics due to its diuretic power, also helping to disinfect cut wounds.
  14. Poppy. The poppy is a plant that grows naturally in the countryside in order to have a favorable climate for its flowering, especially in settlements where man organizes himself to cultivate mainly cereals, which is why they tend to see it as a weed. The poppy has powers to counteract the pain caused by different injuries in any part of the body, being used to make different drugs that help patients who have a lot of pain with their narcotic properties.
  15. Dill. Dill is a plant that helps in the processes of menstruation in women, especially when they feel a lot of colic or intense pain as a result of this, apart from making it eliminate excess blood in the form of clots. Likewise, dill is offered as one of the ingredients used to attack external agents that are harmful to the skin, regenerating cells and helping to keep it soft, clean and free of impurities due to its exfoliating action on the face, hands and neck areas.
  16. Celery. Celery is an important element normally used for culinary skills in the kitchen, but at the same time it is an important element to be used for people who usually have difficulty going to the bathroom regularly because it is a laxative, helping to evacuate waste. Apart from having this benefit due to its high fiber content, celery has ideal diuretic properties for patients who need to eliminate toxins to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, the main agents that raise blood pressure, causing heart attacks and strokes.
  17. Artemis. This element is a powerful dewormed, so children can be cleaned of these at any time, through infusions or simply gives them before eating, although it is very bitter, you also have the possibility of using it in alcoholic beverages.
  18. Kara. Kava is of Polynesian origin and has the ease of being used as a natural sedative, for those people who usually suffer from anxiety, stress, fear, insomnia, in addition to the fact that it must be taken orally to have the desired effect.
  19. Rue. Rue, like the previous plant, serves as a sedative, especially for people who have trouble sleeping, although it is softer and more pleasant in taste, it also produces a sensation of relief from menstrual, digestive or muscular pain, so it is convenient to avoid this type of illness.
  20. The calendula. It is a plant that is used to relieve pain processes in wounds, it also helps to heal better, leaving the skin soft around it, and it has also been used in the preparation of different dishes for its delicious flavor.
  21. Rose hips the rosehip has the following properties: Relieves pain; antibacterial; It has vitamin C; Help in flu processes; decongestants; Ideal for fungi and bacteria. It can be used in the preparation of soups and sweets.
  22. The elm. This is a great ingredient that is used for its powers against viruses and bacteria, therefore it is considered an enemy of infections, ideal to avoid them as well as eliminate them. It can also be taken when you start to feel scratchy or burning in your throat and esophagus. .
  23. Fennel. It is a powerful anti-flatulent, so an infusion of this plant after meals that are considered heavy will help speed up the digestion process, it also has the ability to be a diuretic, so it will help you eliminate harmful toxins. Through urine.
  24. Lemon. It is an element that can be used in all its parts for various forms in the kitchen, soups, jams, sweets and pastries, infusions with the power to help lose weight due to its citrus components, as well as against flu-like illnesses.
  25. Melissa. Lemon balm is an anti-flatulent in addition to helping speed up digestion, so it is also ideal to be used after meals that can be heavy, also with lemon and mint; it becomes a powerful sedative that relaxes every part of the body. Body of an anxious or depressed person.
  26. Dried oregano. This bush is so powerful that it is often used for urine infections because it is a powerful antibacterial, ant parasitic, as well as helping to eliminate sand or stones found in the kidneys, so it is important to take it as common water for this.


  • Before taking any plant of this type, you should consult a specialist to avoid any inconvenience.
  • People with chronic diseases should attend to the treatments they are taking, in case they have adverse reactions.
  • Attend to the ways of being able to collect the plants as well as the preparation of the infusions to be taken.
  • Know the specifications and properties of each of the plants before using them.
  • Try that each plant is made naturally without any type of chemicals that affect your body in a harmful way, so that you can use its properties directly.


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