Believe it or not, in the world there is a variety of plants that are quite harmful to people and any living being, so it is essential that you have knowledge of what they are and in addition to this avoid them, so keep reading and you will find out what plants they are poisonous.

How to Identify Poison Ivy:

They are toxic because they have a substance that affects the skin or even the body reacting in a peculiar way, almost as if it were a poison and having consequences that range from cutting the skin to death, so it is essential to know what they are called and identify them.

They are known because they bring a risk with them, translating into intoxications that can lead to the death of the person, even if you think that a plant is edible, you must first know if there is no reason why you should not use it in your home.

On the other hand, they are also used for any ailment, but in this case, you have to know how to manipulate them so that you do not run any risk and can be used with some indication from an expert or specialist, so it is better not to mess with them.

These types of plants are known to lead the person to be injured, poisoned, intoxicated and even lead to death, although many times it can cause symptoms that can be quite harmful to anyone who tries to have contact with them.

What do you need:

  • Knowledge.
  • Health risk.
  • Toxic or harmful substances.
  • Some more dangerous than others.
  • Various ailments.
  • Harmful to living beings.
  • Health threat.
  • Plants prohibited for use.
  • Vegetables and vegetables.
  • Base of natural drinks that are dangerous.
  • Take care of the way the plant is obtained.


Plants can be eaten, be they vegetables, legumes, fruits, vegetables among many others, but there are others that can be dangerous to the health of people and all living beings, therefore the indications and components of each.

The plants that can be edible are usually well known, in addition to using leaves, flowers, stems and even roots, therefore if you are going to take some type of natural medicine prepared by yourself you must know the origin of it and if you are not allergic. For example, we are talking about the onion, the radish, among many other edible plants.

It is known that plants are the basis of any type of concoction that eliminates many ailments of the body, but in turn there are others that can be harmful to the body and you have to know how to recognize them or at least know a little about them.

Apart from all this, you also get plants or herbs that you can use medicinally against any serious illness, having an ally against them, but in minimum doses that must be taken, but if accidentally exceeded, it can induce death.

Beware plants

  1. It is not that it is the beautiful word to name this plant, but its name invites you to try it since it is also presented as very beautiful and harmless, but it has been the disguise that invites the unwary to try it because of how striking it is. It is considered the most toxic in the entire world, having its origin in the entire Mediterranean area, but it is already found in other continents, it contains many toxins that can cause the death of the person who touches it. It presents the following symptoms of poisoning: Vomiting and diarrhea in the digestive system; Severe stomach pain; dizziness or vertigo; Sleep; Tachycardia; Heart attack; Death.
  2. It is found in the American continent and is considered another of the deadliest along with the previous one, containing the poison more than anything in the root part, but it is not as striking as the oleander to attract the unwary who want to touch it at the moment to meet her. Those who have been poisoned with hemlock have the following symptoms: Convulsions that are often strong; Pain throughout the body; nausea and vomiting; Tremors in the muscles; Cramps and generalized numbness; Death. Some people who have survived poisoning with hemlock have effects that last a lifetime, not having the same quality of life as before, so they must take certain care in addition to constant medical attention for memory loss.
  3. Licorice. The seeds of this plant are often used in women’s clothing and accessories to be worn as ornaments, but the content inside them can be harmful when in contact with the skin, so caution is usually taken with this material. With just a few simple drops of a seed, it can lead to death, so care must be taken with handling in the production of any type of jewel, it is important to take this into account when using them, also in the event of any breakage. It is obtained in tropical countries although its origin comes from Indonesia, and its poison is very powerful, so it is necessary to be careful with this seed, presenting symptoms such as the following: Nausea and vomiting at the same time. The body tends to dehydrate and consequently failure of some major organs; Respiration problems; Fever; Congestion.
  4. Belladonna. Belladonna is a plant that is toxic, affecting more than the entire central nervous system of the human body, when ingested, symptoms start from small doses that are ingested, slowly eliminating functions of a person. It is possible that it begins with small tremors or cramps in the muscles until it reaches a partial or total paralysis, in addition to not feeling objects when touched or the presence of tingling in the hands or feet, later come other symptoms that affect organs. It is native to Europe and Asia, and the poison is found in all parts of the plant, although despite presenting this drawback, it has been used in natural medicine in relatively small doses. The symptoms presented by a person intoxicated by belladonna are: Sensitivity in sight; Blurred vision; Frequent headache or migraine; seizures; Movements or tremors in the extremities; Fever (In some people); Disorientation.
  5. Castor. This herb has always been used to make oil that is toxic to people, which is used to make different types of lubricants for vehicles, as well as many cosmetics used to beautify women and car brakes. It comes from the African continent and causes symptoms such as those mentioned below: Cramps or pain in the abdomen; nausea and vomiting; in some cases diarrhea; hemorrhages; Kidney failure; liver failure; Death.
  6. The yew already made in pharmaceutical treatment is usually said to eliminate some types of cancer, but naturally it is one of the poisons that can cause a person to have symptoms that seriously affect their health, even leading to death. Although apparently if you take small doses, you can also have the possibility of using the toxin for the good of your body if you have this type of disease, as long as it is handled responsibly and under medical prescription. Among the different symptoms that a person intoxicated with this substance can feel, are: Dilation of the pupils of the eyes; dry mouth; Dizziness or even vertigo; generalized weakness; Cardiac acceleration; Death.
  7. It is a plant that is found in the northern part of America and is still under study because it is not as well-known as the others, but despite everything and the little that is known, it is already seen as a quite toxic plant for people. . It causes certain dangerous symptoms before inducing a coma that can lead to death, so the consumption of this type of toxins present in this bush is very harmful to humans, taking into account that some of the symptoms that it presents are: Bad breath; Generalized weakness that has to rest; Shared pain with muscle stiffness; Some stomach upsets; Constipation; Irritability; Apathy and lack of appetite; nausea and vomiting; Coma and progressive death.
  8. This plant has been used as a natural remedy against rheumatic pain, also as an analgesic in addition to controlling the severe pain that occurs in the jaw, forehead and scalp, symptoms of “suicide disease”. But it is a powerful poison that is extracted from the root and stem, being well known by the Indians as a monk’s hood and used against the community of wolves, to be able to kill them when they invaded the indigenous territory of Europe. Symptoms it causes: Burns in the mouth, throat and esophagus when ingested; Diarrhea; nausea and vomiting; Eat; heart failure; Death.
  9. This plant presents the following symptoms: Hallucinations and delirium; Very fast heart rate; Aggressiveness and extreme anger; seizures; Diarrhea in some people; Eat; inflammation in the throat; Death. The toxin is found in the seed, leaves, stems and roots, that is, the entire plant itself, but in reality it is in the seed that the highest percentage of toxin is concentrated, therefore it is the most dangerous part to use, since you can find in Central America and the Caribbean. This herb or plant can be used to numb the environment in wounds that can be very small, as well as to treat asthma and epilepsy attacks, so it has its positive side; however this herb, also known as angel’s trumpet, is also toxic. Or devil grass.

Powerful poisons

If you start to take into account each of the substances that you have in these elements, you will be able to take into account that you have powerful poisons for the body of people, but in small doses some of these plants can help serious chronic diseases.

Case like Cancer in people, some of these toxins can be used to counteract the disease, poisoning and eliminating the malignant cells that are the transmitters of this scourge that is rapidly destroying people.

Many of these substances are also used by young people to get high without thinking about the consequences that this can have on their health, with many cases of intoxication by any of these herbs in many parts of the world.


  • Consumption should be avoided even for medicinal purposes, without the attention of a doctor.
  • Meet the specifications that you must have when looking for each of the herbs.
  • Take into account the shape, color and also the type of flowers to recognize the plant.
  • Do not touch any of these plants without gloves because you can get burns or even be intoxicated at the very moment of harvesting.
  • Be sure to seek the specialist if you feel any of the symptoms of each, also if you suspect that accidental poisoning has occurred.


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