If you want to be in trends with the latest in garden or terrace decoration, an idea that is coming to be implemented is the opportunity of amen garden, more than anything else, with the tranquility and peace that you feel just by looking at it as a way to leave anxiety and stress.

It is one of the decorative styles that are rising in terms of trends in gardens and more because of the simplicity of its forms, the original mix of plants as well as the atmosphere of harmony and tranquility that is breathed in them. Do you want a Zen garden?

They are very beautiful and reflect an environment from the East and the mysticism that this brings, offering you a therapy made in garden decoration with few elements so you can enjoy them and at the same time make them yourself on the terrace of your home.

They are so simple that you only need a small space to place it even if you have your garden full of flowering plants, the main thing is to give this Zen garden its space and thus you have a little piece of China in your home. Do you want to know more?

We briefly give you the steps so that you can obtain it without abusing many plants, devising a calm environment for those moments when you are looking for some tranquility and peace, to relax and calm those moods that have to do with the different work problems.

What do you need for Zen Garden – do it and Examples?

  • Sand.
  • Water.
  • Stones.
  • Floors.
  • fountain.
  • Small space.
  • Rake.
  • Boards.
  • Saws.
  • Hammer.
  • Nails.
  • Moss and logs.
  • Waterproof plastic.

Instructions for Zen Garden – do it and Examples

Do you know what a Zen garden is? They are spaces where a large space of natural land is represented in a small place with small dimensions of what a real garden means created with the ancestral customs of the ancient oriental culture.

These Zen gardens have the power to change your life thanks to the fact that they offer a number of benefits to improve both your mental and physical health, since apart from transmitting tranquility and calm as you take care of it, you slow down the accelerated pace of your daily life.

Building it is not difficult, in addition to that you have to follow a few simple steps and a few materials, which you get quickly also gives you the strength to want to finish it so that you have the healing powers of the ancestral medicine that these gardens evoke.

Let’s see step by step examples of how to achieve a Zen garden

  1. You can have a Zen garden in a small miniature space, but when you take it to a more real scale, you must think about what you are going to place and if you have what it takes to take care of it, maintain it and always have it in optimal conditions as a first rule.
  2. The space in which you are going to make it should be spacious, therefore try to find a corner or go out to the garden or terrace where you can observe it when you feel down or have little energy to attract a little peace into your life.
  3. Look for the necessary elements to keep your Zen garden in optimal conditions starting with a place where there is plenty of fresh water especially for the plants that you are going to place in it and the exact divisions that you want.
  4. Make a map or drawing with the elements to use as well as the way you are going to place each one of them to plan and that everything goes well for you from the first moment without thinking about anything negative because that is why you are building your own Zen garden.
  5. While you build it, try to always think of aspects that make your life happy, cheerful and content marked with positivism so that it looks exactly the same as the drawing, and you also do not have problems with negativity and bad vibes.
  6. The first element to place is the sand for your Zen garden, being the most basic factor to place, influencing more than anything in a loose material with a soft texture to the touch and that does not adhere to the skin, so it is essential that they be fine or gravel. Slim.
  7. Place some wooden boards slightly apart from each other so that the water can fall without disturbing the sand or that it slides through a crack, so care must be taken in this aspect that is relevant to the care of the Zen garden.
  8. Place the waterproof plastic or a reusable material and place it attached to the tables or container that you have built for your garden, remember that it is not to step on, but rather to admire and relax or meditate, so it does not have to be so big.
  9. Pour the sand and fine gravel into the container, distributing it evenly and with the rake make drawings in a way that simulates geometric figures with a light wave sensation that you can appreciate to calm down.
  10. The element that follows is the stones which have to be of a neutral color without being of different colors, flashy or garish; they can be gray in different sizes and placed in a straight line vertically, horizontally, in line or other ways.
  11. The important thing in this way with the stones comes to be a resemblance to those arranged in rivers and lakes, so that the arrangement you make in your Zen garden makes you evoke those images and help you meditate to relax your body perfectly.
  12. You can place the moss on the larger stones to help you remember those mountainous landscapes and thus serve you when trying to meditate; it is usually easier this way since in many countries that make these gardens they are using it.
  13. If you have the possibility of making an artificial stream in the middle or on one side of the garden, it can help you with the sound since it is also a calming effect for those states of stress in which you find yourself due to problems.
  14. Place plants or work the Zen garden around a small tree that you already have on the ground to start with the addition of your plants which of course always have to be green, so that it inspires you more when you see it.
  15. Among the plants that you can place, small bonsai trees would be ideal, ferns without being very extensive or large, and a medium-sized tree in addition to the bamboo characteristic of Chinese and Japanese oriental cultures.
  16. The Zen garden fulfills the notorious function of offering you total relaxation for those moments of great anxiety and for this the elements of water, sand, stones and plants have a calming effect thanks also to the subliminal message of the sand.
  17. fountain in the middle or a small pond where you place flowers, with moss around with clear and clean water that also offers you a refreshing inspiration when looking at it when you are very nervous because water also relaxes.
  18. For these ponds, aquatic plants are a good element to include them, so it is important to know what you have in your garden or backyard and thus it becomes easier for you to obtain a simple, simple and beautiful garden.
  19. The important thing is that you have your garden well planned, regardless of the dimensions or the space in which you want to build it, since it can be adapted to all possible situations, remembering that you always have to keep it well-groomed.
  20. The green, the gray, the clear water, the white of the sand are the colors that inspire making the Zen garden to inspire that peace necessary for the lives of people who are increasingly getting used to an accelerated lifestyle producing various diseases.
  21. Remember that the Zen garden can be done in different sizes starting with a small box that you have on the table anywhere in your house, either in one of the rooms or even in the living room for everyone to see.
  22. In the room you can also have the opportunity to make your decorative Zen garden on two levels that allows you to receive your guests and the atmosphere feels peaceful, calm and with the energy that characterizes this type of garden inside a house.
  23. The garden that you create outside can also be done in front of a terrace with paths along which you can walk without stepping on any of the Zen gardens that you build on both sides, to allow yourself to be alone and listen to your thoughts.
  24. A unique form of meditation is to sit in front of the Zen garden to meditate on everything that is happening to you in your life, having the possibility of keeping your personal space in total silence so that you can feel good about yourself.

Tips for Zen Garden – do it and Examples

  • Do not let anyone step on your garden since it is only to admire it and not to touch it.
  • Take care to always rake it to keep it in good condition.
  • Change the direction of the waves in the sand so that it is not a single figure that you tip and you do not get bored of seeing it always.
  • Try to ensure that each of the elements of your garden is always in balance, where the predominant material should be sand.
  • Try to make your Zen garden in a place away from noise and from what comes from outside so that you feel calmer.
  • Place the stones from largest to smallest so that you feel a sense of balance when looking at them.

And now yes, make the most of this wonderful space that will come in handy to meditate or read or simply enjoy the song of the birds and nature.


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